Paul Jacobelli


Paul Jacobelli is founder and President of EdTek Services, Inc. He has been “in the trenches” of online education since 1996 when he helped establish one of the first fully online learning programs for the G8 Research Group at Trinity College, University of Toronto. From 1997 until 2003 he was both a client with and a Regional Director for eCollege during that company’s explosive growth and witnessed the launch some of the biggest players in distance learning. His expertise is in helping small education providers navigate the challenging process of starting and making a success of their hybrid and fully online programs. In 2003 he founded EdTek Services, Inc. and partnered with leading technology and content companies to develop a package of eLearning products and services designed specifically for smaller education providers. He now works exclusively with small to medium size colleges and universities, career schools, private K-12 schools, non-profit organizations, small to medium size businesses, independent consultants and corporate and government agencies to help them establish and grow their online learning offerings.