Pegah Parsi


Pegah is the inaugural chief privacy officer for the UC San Diego campus where she spearheads the privacy and data protection efforts for the research, educational, and service enterprise. She is passionate about data ethics and privacy as human rights and civil liberties issues and is an advocate for the idea that privacy requires much more than legal compliance. She provides thought leadership on privacy values, ethical frameworks, and philosophy.

Pegah manages a complex portfolio of privacy initiatives related to employees, students, applicants, alumni, and research participants and provides guidance on privacy laws and regulations, such as the GDPR, FERPA, HIPAA, PIPL, California privacy laws, and research privacy/Common Rule. Her day may involve anything from a consult on license plate readers to research involving smart devices to using AI and predictive analytics in support of student success.

Prior to San Diego, Pegah was a privacy manager at Stanford University, focusing on medical studies and international collaborations. She is an attorney and holds an MBA. In her spare time, she advises clients on human rights and asylum matters. She is a Veteran, who, among other things, was the Honor Grad of Army Truck Driver school!

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  • 4 Ways to Understand Privacy
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    A chief privacy officer shares four insights to help better understand several nuanced and easily overlooked dimensions of data privacy.

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