Perry Hanson


Perry Hanson retired from his position on March 15, 2012 as Vice Provost for Libraries and Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Brandeis University, where he led all information services activities including libraries, academic technology and related initiatives, administrative information systems, telecommunications, media services, information security, networks, and systems. Hanson previously was the Chief Technology Officer at Williams College, Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications at Wellesley College, and Director of Information Systems at Clark University. For the past decades, Hanson has been active in the professional community, serving on the EDUCAUSE Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning, chairing the nomination and election committee of both CAUSE and EDUCAUSE, serving on the EDUCAUSE Recognition Committee, and on the faculty of the EDUCAUSE Institute Learning Technology Leadership Program. During this time, he chaired both the Board of the Seminars on Academic Computing and the NERCOMP Board of Trustees. In addition, he served on the EDUCAUSE Board of Trustees as Treasurer, Vice Chair, and Chair.

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