Peter Olivieri


Peter Olivieri is an Associate Professor in the Information Systems Department at Boston College, teaching courses in multimedia and computer science. He is the Co-inventor of the EagleEyes system, an innovative, award winning technology developed by researchers at Boston College that allows a computer user to control the cursor on the computer screen by moving their eyes and their head. It is used extensively with children with multiple disabilities to give them access to technology. Eagle Eyes has won several national awards. Peter was the Founder, Designer and former Director of the University’s Interactive Multimedia Lab, a facility whose mission is to help faculty learn to incorporate technology, computers, video, and multimedia into their teaching activities. Dr. Olivieri also was a founder of the Boston College Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center (FMRC), which was designed to assist faculty with learning computer based technology. He was chosen by the university student body to receive the Mary Kaye Waldron award, given annually to a faculty member who is both an outstanding teacher and represents the spirit of Boston College through their involvement within the university. In addition, he was selected by the faculty of the School of Management for the Distinguished Senior Faculty Award given annually to a faculty member who has contributed to the growth of the school and colleagues.