Peter Scott


Peter Scott leads a group of researchers who specialize in e-learning technologies and knowledge. As well as directing the Knowledge Media Institute, his personal team, the Centre for New Media, prototypes the application of new technologies and media to learning at all levels. Scott’s current research interests range widely across knowledge and media research. Three key threads at the moment are telepresence, streaming media systems, and agent research. He has a BA (1983) and PhD (1987) in psychology. Before joining the Open University in 1995, Dr. Scott lectured for nearly 10 years in psychology and cognitive science at the University of Sheffield. Dr. Scott is a popular keynote speaker at a number of key e-learning venues. In 2006, he presented keynote talks at Online Educa (Berlin Germany), EdMedia (Orlando Florida), and iKnow (Graz, Austria). In the past few years, he has been invited to U.K. consultations at both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. He is also regularly invited to keynote at corporate-led events such as to AT&T, BP Amoco, and ICL. This mix of vision and detailed action research deployment has become a strong element in all of the work of his group.