Peter Tay


I'm an educator and researcher of Psychology with 14 years of experience at several institutes of higher learning and research centers. I've taught basic science modules such as 'Advanced Topics in Cognition' to applied science modules such as 'Health Psychology' and 'Change Management', and I've conducted workshops on research methodology for researchers, healthcare professionals, and policy makers.

My research interests fall into two broad areas: Holistic Well-Being and Adaptive Cognition.

(1) Holistic Well-being – Using mixed-method methodology, I evaluate the well-being and effectiveness of intervention programs for persons with dementia and their caregivers, people with low vision, religious homosexuals, children with myopia, and prison inmates. In addition, I conduct large scale surveys to assess well-being holistically.

(2) Adaptive cognition - I investigate human cognition such as memory for faces based on evolutionary theories. My recent publications examined the adaptive value associated with happy and angry facial expressions (e.g., enhanced memory for angry male faces compared to angry female faces).

For research collaboration, participation in my research, or comments, contact me at [email protected]