Phil Saunders


Phil Saunders, LAN Manager, Office of the Registrar, is new to the UW environment having been here only a year. However, he has been involved with security at Enrollment Management and beyond since his arrival, including the rollout of PKI throughout the Department and co-chairing the Privacy and Security Awareness Team. Since that time he full-disk-encrypted every PC in the office of the Registrar as part of a pilot for the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He once ran IBM 360 series mainframes for Union Carbide in New York in the 60’s but then took an 18 year hiatus from the digital world until the nascence of PC's. Since 1987 he has worked for or consulted with every major corporation in south-central Wisconsin, including a cross-platform connectivity project with DoIT in the early 90's: Windows 3.x, OS/2 3.x, and Mac. He has been in Madison for 36 years unlike the two or three he planned.

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