Phill Moran


Trusted technical CxO | CISO with 25+ years of technical IT, Security, and Operational Leadership experience.
I enjoy building world-class operations and security programs that meet any objective; from Startup through larger and multi-tiered security and compliance objectives. Public or Private.

Extensive experience developing InfoSec, threat intelligence, compliance and operational programs to achieve SOC2-2, NIST SP800, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and GDPR certification.

Currently working to enhance all data pipelines in Edutech to better serve Student popluations as they move through the Higher Education Processes. 

Specialties: IT, Consulting, OPSEC., Turnaround, SecOPS, Course Corrections, EduTech, Healthcare, Hospitals, Banking, FINTech, Security. Compliance. Professional Services. Hospitality. Startups.