Preeti Tanwar


Founder and CEO of HiEd Success, Ms.Tanwar has over 16 years of higher education experience, providing insights, and finding innovative solutions while offering exceptional support to higher education organizations. Preeti holds master’s degrees from India and the USA. She is the first Indian woman to receive the South Carolina Educator of the Year Award for automating processes and several other professional awards. She serves as the cultural coordinator of the GA chapter of the Ekal Non profit. The HiEd Ambassador Programme she leads, focused on youth and women empowerment, has impacted over several lives. She has been invited as an honorary speaker at various national events.

She plans to impact 1000+ first generation students and US Immigrants lives by connnecting the with Ideal colleges and helping colleges to meet D&I strategic enrollment goals


Her Mantra :“Success is defined by the number of Lives Impacted by you”