Priscilla Hancock


Dr. Hancock has been an information technology professional for over fifteen years. She started her career as a statistical consultant for The University of Kansas. After serving several years in User Services at the University of Kansas, she left Kansas and moved to The University of Texas at Austin where she served as the Manager of Statistical Support for four years. Vanderbilt University recruited her to serve as their Manager of Research Support. While at Vanderbilt, Dr. Hancock progressed from Manager of Research Support to Manager of User Services to Assistant Director for User Services and Systems to Acting Director of the Computer Center. Dr. Hancock left Vanderbilt to accept the position of Director of the University Computer Center for Western Michigan University. Her responsibilities at Western Michigan included administrative computing as well as academic computing. Dr. Hancock left Western Michigan University to accept the Chief Information Officer position at The University of Alabama. For the past four years, Dr. Hancock has served as the Associate Vice President of Information Technology at The University of Alabama. Her responsibilities include academic computing, administrative computing, telecommunications, and faculty development.

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