Randy Ozden


Randy Ozden is the President and CEO of Vivantech, Inc., a Kuali Commercial Affiliate. With nearly 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Randy has leveraged his experience and expertise to position Vivantech as a premier consultant and implementer of enterprise-grade, open source Kuali software available on-premise or in the cloud. Vivantech helps higher education institutions implement and support Kuali enterprise software. The company also invests in the Kuali foundation's software projects in the form of funds and dedicated developers. Randy currently serves as a member of the Kuali Foundation Board and is also an active member of the CEO Strategy Forum at CONNECT – a San Diego-centric organization that catalyzes innovation among technology companies. Prior to founding Vivantech, Randy made footprints in the international business community. He served as Director of European Operations for Alltel Corporation (London, UK), and managed the consulting divisions primarily responsible for implementation of financial systems and business intelligence solutions. Later, as the VP of Professional Services at NCR Corporation, he co-invented two valuable NCR-assigned patents on privacy-enhanced databases. More recently, Randy has made several award-winning presentations including, "The Challenges of Standardizing to the Euro," in London, England.

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