Ray Amirault



Instructional Designer/Instructional technologist with 20+ years experience in business, military, not-for-profit, and government settings. MSc and PhD in Instructional Systems from The Florida State Univeristy and BSc in Comuter Science from The Univeristy of West Florida. Published in Cambridge Univeristy Press, Taylor & Francis, Springer (ETR&D), Elsevier (The Internet and Higher Education), Journal of Computing in Higher Education, IAP (two books and The Quarterly Review of Distance Education), and Action in Teacher Education. Director, International Section, QRDE. Journal Reviewer for ETR&D, QRDE, and IHE. 


I have a deep interest in French History, particulary the hisotry of education in France, including the development of the university. I am a semi-professional photographer and have been photographing a wide variety of locations of France over a 20-year period. The COE at Illinois State Univeristy has a number of my photographs hanging throughout the building in large-format canvas prints. I am a technologt "early adopter," which has brought me both enjoyment and frustration throughout my entire life, starting in childhood! I was born and raised in suburban Chicago.