Ray Uzwyshyn


Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn is currently Director of Collection and Digital Services for Texas State University Libraries. Previously, he served as Director of Online Libraries for American Public University System, Head of Digital and Learning Technologies for the University of West Florida and Web Services Librarian for the University of Miami. Ray possesses a Ph.D. (NYU, Media Studies), MBA (IT Management) and MLIS from the University of Western Ontario. He has chaired the American Society of Information Science & Technology, Special Interest Group in Visualization, Images and Sound and served as a reviewer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Access to Learning Technology Awards, 2009-2011. Ray's specialties include information systems and online education, information visualization, multimedia possibilities for digital libraries and new IT infrastructure implementation.
Select Publications, Presentations and Applications
Coming of Age: The Online Research Data Repository. C-Level View Feature Interview (with Mary Grush). December, 2016
Online Research Data Repositories: The What, When, Why and How. Computers in Libraries. April, 2016.
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One Size May Not Fit All: Pragmatic Reflections on 3D Printers for Academic Learning Environments. Computers in Libraries. Special Innovation Issue, December 2015. pp. 4-11.
3D Printer Infrastructures for Learning Commons (PPT)
Data Management Repositories for Universities and Research Institutions (PPT)
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