Rebecca Hatkoff


Passionate social justice educator, professor, teacher-educator, and researcher with expertise in effective and empowering pedagogy for all students, teachers, and teacher-candidates; strength-based views of schools, teachers, students, households, and communities; and culturally sustaining and inclusive practices and policies across K-12 schools and higher education.

Uniquely and intentionally situated at the intersection of K-12 schools and higher education, my experiences have accrued into informed and nuanced views of the challenges and opportunities regarding how to best include, teach, support, value, and learn from all students from any background, and especially those from underserved and under-valued communities.

Deft in identifying and assessing instructional practices, teacher-student dynamics and relationships, student learning, and evidence of critical and/or (dis)empowering practices and beliefs after observing and studying hundreds of classrooms across varied settings.

To ensure my efficacy as an educator and familiarity in all relevant areas, I've deliberately and systematically grown my experience in many key aspects of the education landscape. In all my work, I'm invested in facilitating productive, humanizing, supportive, and empowering relationships between schools and communities.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Exploring the CAO Role in Digital Learning
    • Article
    • Author

    What is the role of provosts/CAOs in campus efforts to bring digital resources into gateway courses? What do provosts/CAOs learn when they are involved in new initiatives to do so?