Reetu Gupta


Reetu Gupta has spent last 8 years working in college recruitment space – looking at it through a fresh lens of technology, and marketing and its alignment or lack thereof with digitally native Gen-Z youth. Utilizing her background in technology and marketing, she has conducted numerous interviews, focus groups, and have published articles on the topic. She is passionate about leveling the playing field of college admissions while bringing diversity and equity to the recruitment process.

She founded Cirkled-In – An award-winning, 21st-century profile platform for Gen-Z students empowering them to showcase their professional achievements, beyond academics and enabling colleges to learn more about their target candidates. With data-driven recruitment, colleges recruit the best-fit students, making all students recruitment more effective, efficient, and equitable.

Growing up in India, Reetu was influenced by Nelson Mandela quote, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. Helping her teacher mom run an elementary school, education went deep into her DNA. She believes that that 100+ year old education industry is ready for disruption.

Before Cirkled-In, Reetu spent 20 years in corporate America from startups to Fortune 50 companies. Reetu earned her MBA (Valedictorian) from UW and MS and BS from NIT, India. With Cirkled-In, she hopes to leave a lasting legacy in the field of technology and education. Recently Reetu was awarded Forbes NEXT1000 inspiring Entrepreneurs. She is an avid speaker on the topics of “Education for all”, and “Women Equity”.

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