Renee Pilbeam


Dr. Renee Pilbeam (she/her) serves as the Director of Learning Initiatives with EdPlus at Arizona State University. In this role she has the opportunity to lead an incredibly talented and committed team working on our high-impact, high-enrollment courses around all things student success and engagement. The Learning Initiatives team partners with academic units to develop emergent strategies for student success, engage in equity-first design processes, and support efforts to scale enriching and engaging learning experiences at the university.

Renee also maintains a vested interest and focus on advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging work in higher education. She believes that education is a human right and that everyone who wants access to education should have it and then be supported in their success in completing that education. She also recognizes that we must work to simultaneously dismantle the systems of oppression (the same ones that have given her unearned advantages and privileges) that are deeply embedded in education and beyond. 

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