Rens van der Vorst


Rens van der Vorst works as a Technophilosopher and Head of IT Innovation for Fontys University in the Netherlands (45k students). He is author of the bestselling Smartphones are The New Smoking (2017) and he runs a platform on technophilosophy. His mission in live is to make students, companies and teachers think about what they expect from their technology and how to make sure technology contributes to a fair, inclusive society. To do this Rens organizes workshops, writes for a lot of online and offline outlets, gives presentations and is a opnion maker for Dutch radio and TV. 

Rens also runs the Quantified Student Program which is set on building Runkeeper Apps for studying. He is 47 years old and has a wife and two kids. He also is, or so he thinks, a gifted soccer player.


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