Rich Simpson


Dr. Simpson received a BS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech in 1992. At the University of Michigan he earned an MS in Bioengineering in 1994, an MS in Computer Science and Engineering in 1995, and a PhD in Bioengineering in 1997. Dr. Simpson joined New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in 2013 as Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Dean for Research. Dr. Simpson teaches computer science courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Simpson incorporates a number of instructional technologies into his teaching. In 2015, he received NYIT's Presidential Engagement Award for Innovative Use of Technology to Engage Students. He has given several presentations on his use of instructional technology. A common theme of Dr. Simpson’s research is the development of algorithms to automatically adapt the behavior of assistive and educational technologies in response to changes in the needs and abilities of the user. Another consistent theme running through Dr. Simpson’s research is the collection and analysis of quantitative data in real-world environments, either from sensors (in the case of smart wheelchairs) or user input (in the case of computer access and adaptive instructional tools). A third theme pervading Dr. Simpson’s research is the development of tools that can be integrated into the clinical service delivery process.

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