Richard Bazile


Richard is currently the Assistant Dean, Learning Commons and Academic Support Services at Cuyahoga Community College where he plans, directs and oversees the objectives of the Learning Commons (library and campus academic technology) and campus based academic support services (e.g. tutoring). He provides a strong focus on supporting student learning through working collaboratively with academic divisions, tutoring and library/learning commons faculty and personnel to establish and implement systems to improve student achievement and retention.

Richard provides leadership in the development and oversight of the Learning Commons’ and Academic Support Services’ priorities, departmental budget, and participates in college-wide academic planning initiatives.

As a former Assistant Director of Technology, Richard coordinated college-wide learning technology services, applications, and administrative and educational support services. He served as system administrator for related learning solutions and online learning management systems and was accountable for all associated technical and end user support responsibilities.

He was also the Dean for Learning Resources in Florida where he provided leadership, direction and support for Learning Resources and personnel. Areas of responsibility were the Library, Computer Lab, Tutoring Services, Media Services, Office of Professional Development, and E-Learning.

Richard is a fellow with the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education, 2015 Fellow (, and the Harvard University's Administrative Fellowship Program, 2010-2011 Communications Fellow in the Division of Science. (

Richard holds a B.A. in Social Science (DePaul University), M.A. in History (Chicago State University), and M.S. in Library and Information Science (University of Illinois-Urbana). Richard's previous positions are based in administration, technology, Library & Information Science, and the management of people in academia. Some of the positions previously held are, Director Information Systems & Technical Services, Director of Learning & Instructional Services, and Assistant Director of Library Information Systems. Through his varied experiences he acquired skills in all phases of administration, managing information and people, including, budgeting, assessment, and supervision.

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