Richard Josephberg Josephberg


Richard Josephberg is a residential and commercial real estate developer. He is the founder and owner of Almorli Advisors, a real estate company. He is born in 1964 in Port Chester, New York.

The real estate developer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the Cornell University and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the same university.

For few years Josephberg has worked in the field of law, but soon he moved into real estate development.

Almorli Advisors was founded in 1997. At the beginning of his career, he developed residential and commercial real estate properties in Port Chester, his native city.

Josephberg he moved to the wide New York market, after gaining a decent experience. He has been an active real estate developer for over twenty years. Josephberg concentrates mostly in the New York neighborhoods and specializes in the commercial development of low-income neighborhoods with an emphasis on the nonprofit client. Moreover, he offers customized office spaces. 

At the present moment, Josephberg focuses on the development, renovation, construction, and management of large residential and commercial real estate properties. As a member of USGBC, he focuses on meeting the standards for green buildings.