Rick Schafer


Mr. Richard Schafer is a Doctoral candidate at the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences at Nova Southeastern University, possessing a Masters of Science in Software and Information Systems from Regis University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Azusa Pacific University.  Along with his degrees, Mr. Schafer possesses certificates in; Information Assurance, Federal Information Systems Security Assurance, Anti-Money Laundering and OFAC Fundamentals, Visual C++ Windows programming, Network Analysis, and is an Oracle Certified Associate. Mr. Schafer’s teaching interests, lectures, and courses taught include; management information systems, system analysis and design, information systems security, Web development, telecommunications and networking, enterprise architecture and infrastructure and database management and security. Over the last 20 + years, Mr. Schafer has advised, consulted, and worked cooperatively with executive and management staff, legislators, control agencies, federal government, and other public/private agencies and companies. Experienced in managing, planning, development, maintenance, installation, and support of a large-scale system applications in a multi-tier environment, familiarity with large complex telecommunication and database management systems, and Operational Recovery Plans. Established ongoing IT strategic planning; has adopt IT infrastructure standards; has conduct successful feasibility studies for proposed IT projects; and has protected the security, confidentiality, and integrity of data with all of the past and present projects that I have been engaged with.   Mr. Schafer has provided advice and recommendations in the various aspects of development, administration, oversight and evaluation of policy and implementation activities relative to information technology and the technology infrastructure and technological operations for several California State departments/agencies and private/public companies, such as; Office of Statewide Health Planning Division (OSHPD), Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), Department of Real Estate (DRE), Air Resources Board (ARB), Oracle, MCI Worldcom, Charles Schwab, BroadVision, HP, Tetra Tech, Toshiba, BE Aerospace, DirecTv, and the United States Air force, just to name a few.