Richie Crim


Richie Crim is the Information Technology Strategist and Chief Information Officer for Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC). In his current role, Mr. Crim advises the College on key Information Strategies across the organization. He utilizes his hands-on experience deploying enterprise-wide solutions to drive growth across the organization. Also an Adjunct Faculty member at LFCC, Professor Crim enjoys bringing his career to the classroom. He began his postsecondary education at LFCC, where he earned an associate's degree in Network Engineering. He also holds undergraduate degrees in Information Technology from Shepherd University and West Virginia University and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University. Since 1999, Mr. Crim has also led the technical division for a leading software automation company where his roles included Director of Client Services, Technical Division Manager, and Support Lead. Richie has over 12 years experience in business and technology leadership roles. He has participated in various Information Technology conferences as a keynote speaker and led Technical Focus Groups with emphasis on Technology Infrastructures improvements and considerations.