Rob Snyder


Rob Snyder is the Director of Enterprise Data, Applications, and Integrations within Information Technology, at Ithaca College, where he has worked since 2018, and from where he graduated in 1992 with a degree in Music Education. In his current role, he supports the teams that deliver analytics, reporting, college wide ERP support, internal development, and systems integrations. Prior to the college, Rob led the design and development of software in the retirement industry, and also worked on large systems computing with IBM. 

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • A Modern Framework for Institutional Analytics
    • Article

    An effective institutional analytics program has become essential to providing proactive student services and informing strategic actions. Leveraging a modern framework that describes the elements of a mature data and analytics program can help colleges and universities obtain actionable insights.

  • Using Analytics to Answer Important Institutional Questions
    • Article

    IT leaders face numerous challenges in helping their organizations make increasingly information-based decisions. In these four case studies, teams from four institutions show how valuable it can be when institutions make progress along the analytics and business intelligence (BI) maturity roadmap.