Rob Curtin


Rob Curtin has been working with technology in education for more than 25 years. He joined Microsoft in 1991 focusing on bundled solutions to education customers. Rob joined Exeter Educational Management Systems in 1996 where he remained through acquisitions by Sallie Mae Solutions, SCT, and Sungard returning to Microsoft in 2002 where he has held various leadership roles focused on Higher Education. He is currently the Indusry Regional Business Lead for the Americas responsible for Higher Education.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Reimagining Higher Education: The Post-Covid Classroom
    • Article

    As we prepare to return to campus, many of the technologies that helped us simply survive and sustain classroom continuity will become permanently embedded in our educational methods and play a pivotal role in the refinement of practices consistent with an ongoing shift to more student-centered learning.

  • Connected Campus Experiences in the Age of IoT
    • Article

    The Internet of Things enables multiple benefits in higher education: personalized student experiences; operational efficiencies; new career opportunities for students; responsive, timely security; and collaborative research combining disparate data sets.

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