Bob Jones


Robert "Bob" Jones serves as the Executive Director of Emerging Technology and Support Services for Information and Technology Services (ITS) at the University of Michigan (U-M). Over the past two decades, he has dedicated his career to promoting innovation, nurturing service excellence, and steering progressive IT strategies. Currently, Bob is spearheading an unprecedented ITS-AI service platform, while also leading an ITS division that provides support and services to the entire U-M community. His stewardship expands across product areas such as Microsoft, Google, enterprise desktop services, campus computing sites, and U-M accessibility services, reflecting his commitment to the university and his profound understanding of its unique needs. This intimate connection, together with Bob's technical and strategic leadership, is instrumental in propelling the evolution of IT services at U-M.

Robert has led several strategic initiatives, including re-envisioning the University of Michigan’s centralized desktop service to reduce significant structural debt, while raising service levels. The desktop service provides support to all administrative units and 12 of 19 schools and colleges at the University of Michigan. Robert has also led a re-architecture and deployment of the University’s central print solution which services over 50,000 faculty, students, and staff. Robert has led a very successful workforce cross-training program who’s aim was to build skills in his workforce, and create cultural bridges amongst teams. Robert has also led an innovative “Bring Your Own” initiative where the focus is to reduce barriers between people and technology.

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