Bob Crisler


Bob leads the overall web development effort of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as Director of Internet and Interactive Media. IIM is organized as a partnership of University Communications and Information Services at UNL. Bob also leads the UNL Web Developer Network, a 300+ -member group formed to support UNL's unique single-codebase web development path. A 1986 graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Bob has been with UNL since 1992, working first in print design, and stepping out to lead UNL's web effort as the university's first staff member fully dedicated to the medium (in 2000). UNL occupies a unique position in higher education web development. At UNL, a single codebase underlies all sites that are part of the university organization. The UNLedu Web Framework is continually strengthened through the efforts of IIM staff and the contributions of partners through the WDN organization. See for more information. Bob is interested in visual design, user experience, web governance, and other aspects of publishing websites, with a particular interest in sharing experiences with others in the Higher Education web community. Bob is active on the CIC (Big Ten) CIOs' IT Accessibility Group, and has presented on web governance and accessibility at the national HighEdWeb and Educause conferences. Outside of work, Bob gets his hands dirty wrenching on old Miatas, listening to music (the Clash and the Feelies are personal favorites), finding common ground with an Australian Cattle Dog named Jack, and spending time with his teenagers Sam and Mari, and his wife, Pat. He's involved in his hometown of Ashland on several boards, and is a former member of the Ashland City Council. Specialties/Interests: web governance / public policy / accessibility / communications / culture

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