Bob Gloyd


Bob Gloyd, Director of IT for the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, is a graduate of UT Austin with a degree in Computer Science. He has been with the university in various IT positions since the early 1980’s, having established one of the first Learning Resource Centers at UT. In his current role, Bob provides an organization-wide strategic perspective to assure the Cockrell School of Engineering implements technology for strategic advantage and strives to incorporate the effective use of information technology as part of the strategic planning process into academic, research and administrative realms. His scope of responsibilities range from overseeing daily IT operations to formulating strategies for keeping the School of Engineering on the competitive edge of information technology integration. Facilitating the integration of technology into the classroom and nurturing corporate partnerships to help defer the financial impact of technology are two realms which he actively promotes by determining and acquiring the resources needed to succeed in these endeavors. Bob has served on various IT committees within the university, including chair of the Tech Dean Council, a group of IT leaders who actively exchange ideas on incorporating IT into the teaching, research, administrative and student computing areas. The Tech Deans also influence campus IT policy and implement IT on campus. Bob is married and the father of 3 daughters, 1 grandson. He served in the US Air Force and attended UT under the GI Bill. He is an avid reader and enjoys promoting new technologies and family adventures.

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