Bob Thacker


Professor Robert M. Thacker Professor Thacker is an entrepreneur with a broad and in depth background in enterprise integration, process re-engineering, information system design, software development, sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, systems integration, application development, project and general management. During his career, he has worked for or consulted to Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Delphi, Allisons, Navistar, Delco Remy, Xerox, IBM, Oracle, Motorola, BellSouth, ING, and McDonald’s International. In addition, Professor Thacker has been president of an engineering design and build firm providing services to the automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, and aeronautics industries. Here, he defined and developed new marketplaces, driving the business from one centered on two key customers to an expanded customer base of over 20 major clients. His firm provided designs for turnkey machinery, tooling, and control systems to GM, Ford, Delco, Eli Lilly, Westinghouse, Chrysler, and Navistar. Recently, Professor Thacker is principal of Thacker & Associates, LLC., an enterprise integration planning consultancy providing executive education and technical management services for the development of integrated enterprise information systems. He has authored numerous publications and a book on the subject of computer-integrated manufacturing and enterprise integration planning. He is presently working on his second book entitled, Integrated by Design: A model and methodology for the conceptual, logical, and physical integration of the enterprise and its information system. Professor Thacker holds an MBA/MS in Technology Management from Southern Polytechnic State University, and has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in business and technology for over six years.

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