Robin Jacobsen


Robin Jacobsen is a systems analyst at Swarthmore College (, where she supports administrative enterprise level information systems. She was a member of the technical team charged with the implementation of Banner and continues to work with the campus in the identification, evaluation, selection, support, implementation and maintenance of systems solutions. Robin is currently working on enterprise content management projects using tools to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents. Robin is the Project Manager for Xythos (a web based file sharing and collaboration solution) and a member of the Nolij (document imaging and workflow) implementation team. Robin is a client-focused professional with broad based experience in team leadership, project management and system integration. Robin completed her BA in Computer Science from Temple University. Prior to Swarthmore, she held positions at several non-profit organizations. As a resident of New Jersey, she can often be found, along with husband Bruce and dog, hiking and kayaking.

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