Rohini Vanchiswaran


My career has spanned leadership, administrative, and training roles with clients from a wide range of organizational settings. 

My role involves collaborating with faculty, developers, administrators, and stakeholders in building creative and innovative learning experiences in courses and trainings. We work on identifying teaching and learning strategies, implementing instructional technology initiatives, exploring partnerships within the health sciences, and promoting scholarship endeavors, to enhance the quality and success of educational programs.

I have a background in science and education with graduate degrees in Applied Chemistry and Curriculum & Instructional Technology. My educational scholarship interests include simulation based learning, interdisciplinary education, portfolio based assessments, and exploring the impact of instructional technologies in enhancing learning design.


Vanchiswaran, R. and Davison, A. (April 2019) Voices from Afar: Building the Academic–Practitioner Bridge. Educause Review, 54(1).

Grant Participant (2018): JHSPH CTL won a DELTA grant of $75,000 [JHU Office of the Provost] for the Voices from Afar proposal.

Bruce, L., Gresh, K., Vanchiswaran, R., Werapitiya, D. (2007). Protecting Health and Saving Lives: The Part-Time/Internet-Based Master of Public Health Program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, 51(6): p26-31.

Vanchiswaran, R. (2005). Computer Simulations in Chemistry Education. Thesis, Iowa State University. News Release