Ron Walczak


Mr. Walczak's IT and enterprise communications experience encompasses over 30 years of technical design & development, network design, and management in the IT field as an end user and consultant. This experience includes Centrex, TDM and IP telephony platforms, ACD and IVR systems, telecom management software, Wide Area Networks (MPLS, Frame Relay, DSL) radio, and security for voice, video, and data networking infrastructures. By focusing on opportunities to implement technology to provide cost-effective solutions to business challenges, Mr. Walczak has developed advanced technical skills in voice, radio (wireless), cabling, local and wide area networks and video technologies. As a consultant to end-users, Mr. Walczak has successfully managed the implementation of multi-million dollar communications networks and premises equipment configurations. As a consultant to the vendor community, Mr. Walczak has provided technology market assessments to wide area network equipment providers, assisted Regional Bell Operating Companies with internal management techniques designed to improve customer satisfaction, and provided technology engineering services. He is an active member of ACUTA and BICSI, participates in two graduate level programs at Carnegie Mellon University as a lecturer and adviser and is a recent graduate of Duquesne University's Master of Science in Leadership and Information Technology program.