Rosemary Lehman


Rosemary M. Lehman, Ph.D. is an author and consultant in the field of distance education. For nearly 20 years, she worked for the University of Wisconsin-Extension. Most recently, she was the Senior Outreach/Distance Education Specialist at Instructional Communications Systems (ICS), University of Wisconsin-Extension (UWEX), and Manager of the ICS Learning Design and Outreach Team, where she supervised the training of faculty and staff in the use of technology for teaching and learning and taught via technology. She received both her doctorate in Distance Education and Adult Learning, and her Master’s in Television and Media Critique, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the author of The Essential Videoconferencing Guide: 7 Keys to Success (2001), a number of book chapters and journal articles, the editor of Using Distance Education Technology: Effective Practices (2002), and the co-author of 147 Practical Tips for Synchronous and Blended Technology Teaching and Learning (2007). Dr. Lehman’s research interests include teaching and learning at a distance for all ages, technology accessibility, the relationship of perception, emotion, and cognition to distance learning and instructional design; educational applications for media and technology; and the development and integration of learning objects into learning experiences. She has keynoted and presented at a wide variety of statewide, national, and international conferences, and was the recipient of the 2005 University of Wisconsin-Extension Award for Excellence in distance education and leadership.

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