Rusty Bruns


Rusty Bruns (46) is the Chief Information Officer at Charleston Southern University (CSU) in Charleston SC. Arriving at CSU in 1996 after retiring from the U.S. Navy as a Naval Supply Officer, Bruns’ now has well over 20 years experience in of technical, business and management experience. Over the past several years, CSU’s technology has achieved several milestones including the 1st campus in SC to be all wireless, implement air-blown fiber and Bellsouth’s Net VPN and the 1st in the U.S. to employ a new networking switch and most recently Xirrus all wireless video and audio streaming of NCAA events. CSU was ranked 37th by Intel in 2005 for “Most Unwired Campus.” Rusty has a dual master’s degree and is working on his PhD in Business at Northcentral University.

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