Ryan MacTaggart


My current role is the Associate Director of Professional Learning for EDUCAUSE. I am driven by opportunities to help move the needle forward in individual and collective lives of the amazing people I get to work with. Prior to joining EDUCAUSE I have held positions as Faculty at Colorado State University and as an Analyst for a mangement consulting firm after I started my career teaching middle and high school. I am passionate about the application of organizational development, change mangement, leadership systems, and personal development to educational environments. I hold a BA in History, MS in Sport Science, and PhD in Education and Human Resource Studies. 

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Leaders Are Readers: Q1 Reading List
    • Article

    The readings suggested here offer practical ways for higher education leaders to thrive. The first installment of the "Leaders Are Readers" series examines the leadership lessons in an article by Katia Passerini and books by Martin Luther King Jr., Will Guidara, and Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

  • Dismantling Leadership Echo Chambers
    • Article

    Although decisions can often be made more easily in echo chambers, leaders should learn how to break out of their comfort zones of agreement in order to make better decisions.

EDUCAUSE Presentations