Ryan Stasel


Ryan Stasel serves as the Systems Administrator, and IT Team Lead for the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. In his role as Systems Administrator, and previously in IT Customer Support, Ryan developed a respect for the difficult work of maintaining critical operations, and the importance of sharing critical information with a user base in a timely and easy to comprehend manner. Since then he has taken on more of a leadership and management role within IT at the School of Journalism and currently looks to expand his management skills while trying to keep one foot in the IT skills world by continuing his System Administration tasks as much as possible. Ryan attended the New IT Managers program at EDUCAUSE Connect -- San Antonio in 2015. Ryan completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with a Chemistry minor at the University of Oregon.

EDUCAUSE Involvement

  • New IT Managers Program Graduates
    • PROGRAM, 2015 - 0001