Sam Anderson


I'm here to help faculty make the right parts of their teaching as simple, efficient, and smooth as those parts can be. I do this so we can help faculty create the opportunities to make the other parts of their teaching as challenging, complex, and messy as those parts should be. More specifically, I: 1. Collaborate with groups and organizations to design and implement strategies for building effective and robust learning and teaching communities. 2. Investigate and support special projects for instructors using technology in their teaching. 3. Maintain and refine a reliable and scalable workflow for research, changes, fixes, and new features for open-source software services supported by UMass IT (primarily Moodle and iPeer). 4. Organize communities and teach methods related to games and game-like activities that can be used to enhance pedagogy and learning. 5. Manage administrative and user support for peer evaluation services and tools. 6. Support instructors and collaborate with campus partners on intellectual property (IP) and copyright policies and tools.