Sam DiGangi


Dr. Samuel DiGangi is Associate Vice President, University Technology and Associate Professor of Education, specializing in technology integration. Dr. DiGangi is executive director of ASU's Applied Learning Technologies Institute. His research activities focus on infusing effective components of instructional design with emerging technology in education. In addition to extensive use of computer-mediated instruction in his teacher preparation courses, Dr. DiGangi directs several sponsored research projects examining implementation of high technology, telecommunications and international networking in the classroom. Dr. DiGangi possesses a strong background in human-computer interface design; he is adept at program design, as well as network infrastructure and topology evaluation. Dr. DiGangi has taught numerous courses devoted to evaluation and assessment of the impact of technology on education. His focus includes classical quantitative methodology, as well as Exploratory Data Analysis techniques. He has developed and delivered courses and training addressing research design, methodology, and evaluation, placing emphasis on data-based decision-making and continuous monitoring of performance.

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