Sara Gomez


Sara H. Gomez is the Associate Vice President for Information Management at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle. Gomez provides university-wide leadership in developing and managing the UW's information management initiatives and its administrative systems and applications. Gomez also oversees the UW's Information Management, which is responsible for developing and maintaining the UW's core administrative systems and its information management program. Gomez has headed up Information Management since 2006 with the goal of bringing a greater focus on and priority for information management and administrative systems. Since then, Gomez has led a university-wide strategic planning effort to modernize the UW's information management and administrative systems, resulting in the UW's first comprehensive plan for the future. Under Gomez's leadership the UW has initiated the first phase of an effort to replace its aging financial systems. The UW also has become a founding partner of Kuali Student, a consortium of leading higher education institutions working together to develop a next-generation student system. Gomez is a member of the Kuali Student project board of directors. Gomez currently is leading a university-wide initiative to broaden and strengthen the UW's information technology governance structure. The goal is to address the need to identify, evaluate, and prioritize major and strategic university-wide information technology investments across the institution. She also participates on the University Technology Advisory Committee (U-TAC), which currently is responsible for governing the university's information technology strategies and initiatives and its portfolio management program. Gomez has more than 25 years experience in developing and implementing enterprise information services. Since joining the University of Washington in 2001, Gomez has been in a variety of leadership roles in UW Information Technology (UWIT), providing leadership, direction, and vision for developing and supporting the UW's enterprise administrative systems, including its data warehousing program. Prior to joining the UW, Gomez was a consultant specializing in quality assurance and project management for large, enterprise information technology projects. Gomez's consulting experience also included working for Price Waterhouse's Management Consulting Services. Gomez completed her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration at California State University, Chico.

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