Scott Cantor


Scott Cantor is an applications developer and security architect who specializes in web technology and distributed computing. He splits his time between The Ohio State University and the Internet2 consortium's Middleware Initiative. At Ohio State, Scott has spent a decade developing distributed and web-based applications, and solutions for authentication, authorization, and single sign-on. For the past several years, Scott has been active in the design and implementation of Internet2's Shibboleth project, an application of SAML designed to bridge domains of authentication in education and research with each other and with other information service providers. His role has included participation in the evolution of SAML and the Liberty Alliance.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Federated Security: The Shibboleth Approach
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    The Fifth Annual Educause Current Issues Survey1 ranked security and identity management near the top of the list of critical IT challenges on campus today.

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