Scott Ksander


Scott Ksander currently serves as Executive Director for IT Networks and Security for Purdue University responsible for the data and voice networks and the information security functions for the central IT group (ITaP). Scott also serves as the University's Chief Information Security Officer and holds an appointment as an Assistant Professor in the College of Technology where he is part of the Computer Forensic program. During the past 20 years Scott has held various positions in the central IT at Purdue. Prior to joining Purdue in 1987, he was involved in software development for the Control Data's NOS (Network Operating System) and program management at ETA Systems for the development of the ETA-10 "supercomputer". Scott is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and also a proud lifetime member of the Purdue Alumni Association. Scott was names the 2008 North America Information Security Executive of the Year, Academic Category, by Executive Alliance.

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