Scott Macklin


Scott likes to create stories using deep media and usually can be found looking for an espresso.

 Scott Macklin is the Director of Integrated Learning and Innovation for the Early Edu Alliance at the University of Washington. Previously, he served as the Associate Director of the Master of Communication Digital Media (MCDM) program and as the Chief Technology Officer for the College of Education at UW.  Scott seeks to create a rich infrastructure that supports innovation and collaboration through participatory media and community engagement. Scott served as the curator of TEDx SeattleCo-Chair of the Seattle Next 50 Story Runs Through It film celebration, and serves as an advisor for What's Good 206. In 2013, Scott was given the King County Executive’s Award for Excellence in Community Service.

 Scott is an award winning author, interactive designer and multimedia maker.  Scott uses social media as a powerful tool for learning and building meaningful relationships that create opportunities to engage in acts of social justice.  His teaching and scholarship focuses on emerging models of interactive and immersive storytelling and how they are disrupting the ways we can reach and engage our students. His work explores ideas of convening community through stories through the creation and development community-centric stories.

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