Sean Krulewitch


Sean is one of two Deputy IT Security Officers for Indiana University in the IT Security Office (ITSO). In this role, Sean works to help set the direction and goals of the ITSO. The ITSO advises enterprise and departmental staff on IT security and provides enterprise-wide security management services such as secure authentication, vulnerability scanning, and education of university IT administrators and operators. Key goals of the ITSO are to protect statewide university networks, computing resources, and data by forecasting and identifying threats that impact university operations and business. The ITSO team acts to combat those threats, and responds when attempts are made to exploit vulnerable university assets. Before his current appointment, Sean was a Senior Messaging Analyst at Indiana University, responsible for the day to day operations of a 150,000 user Windows NT Network, a 60,000 mailbox Cyrus IMAP store and a 60,000 mailbox Microsoft Exchange Organization. Sean has worked in the IT Security field for over six years, has training in network intrusion detection, is a Certified Windows Security Administrator (GCWN) and holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Indiana University.

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