Sean Mendoza


An eighteen year Information Technology leader and innovator, Sean HV Mendoza is Pima Community College's Academic Technology IT Advanced Analyst, a learning technology scholar from Pepperdine University and part-time faculty at two and four year institutions. In his role as the sole Academic Technologist, he is responsible for the management of all software assets and serves as Information Technology's liaison for Disabled Student Resources and all faculty. Working with both the Provost and the Vice Chancellor of IT, he has implemented a number of initiatives that create greater consistency and application of technology resources across the institution. Most recently he designed, coordinated and implemented software services that allow for the test and utilization of text to screen readers and screen magnification for all faculty, staff and students, effectively delivering the concept of Universal Design (UD) across the institution. Through this effort, students and employees have equal access to specialized software regardless of their disability or circumstance. Dr. Mendoza is a known scholar in the field of learning technology, presenting at international conferences at The Future of Online and Blended Learning Conference (Vancouver, Canada) and Paris International Conference on Education, Economy and Society ( (Paris, France). His peer-reviewed paper "The Trinity of Community: Google, Facebook and Twitter" is an ethnographic study which describes how social media can provide a platform from which to nurture and transform individuals and communities ( His dissertation, "Massively Multiplayer Online Games as a sandbox for leadership: The relationship between in and out of game leadership behaviors" provides an insightful perspective of leader identities, learning and games, which have implications to online learning and the workplace. ( It is his ability to create a bridge between academia and IT that draws his students to implementing and leveraging technology in and out of the classroom. An innovator of technology and learning, Dr. Mendoza is also a successful part-time faculty for two and four year institutions. In his nineteen years in a classroom, he has pushed bounds of learning technology by being the first at Pima Community College to teach a Computer Science class from across the globe, and incorporate asynchronous and synchronous learning (via Google Plus) in graduate level courses at Northern Arizona University and Antioch University. Combining his knowledge of technology and learning (in and out of the workplace) he envisions a future where classrooms are mobile, virtual, personalized and community based.

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