Sebastian Flores Flores


I'm a Mathematical Civil Engineer from the Universidad Federico Santa María (Chile), obtained an Ingénieur Diplômé from l'École Polytechnique (France) and Master of Science in Computer and Mathematical Engineering from Stanford University (USA). I can confidently say that Education has changed my life and has allowed me to travel around the world, making friends and learning from very diverse education frameworks and work experiences.

I have a broad set of tools from mathematical modeling, scientific software, data science and machine learning, written 6 articles and participated in code of several numerical softwares, and also enjoy being a teacher and giving back to the community the learnings from the industry.

Since working in u-planner, I've been fortunate to deep dive into the intersection of mathematics, computer science and education, leading a diverse team of data scientists that love making new algorithms, looking into making visualizations to make sense out of the higher education diverse sets of data.

You might want to take a look at my LinkedIn Profile.