Sera Thornton


Sera Thornton joined the Pitt Online team at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Teaching and Learning in 2017 as an instructional designer, collaborating with faculty and colleagues to design, evaluate, and implement high-quality online courses. Prior to that, she was an MITx Digital Learning Lab Fellow, creating both rigorous Massive Open Online Courses and digital learning materials for on-campus courses in the Office of Digital Learning and Department of Biology at MIT. She is especially interested in how visuals can contribute to learning, and has developed skills in creating educational graphics, animations, and videos. Sera has a B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and International Studies from Penn State, and a Ph.D. in Biology from MIT. Her research interests include data visualization, educational video efficacy, STEM/STEAM education, and iterative instructional design.

EDUCAUSE Presentations

  • Lightning Round Session
    • ELI Online Event | eXtended Reality (XR): How AR, VR, and MR Are Extending Learning Opportunities, May 22