Shannon Ritter


My current position as the Social Media Coordinator and Coordinator of Auditions, Interviews, and Admissions for the Penn State School of Theatre allows me to work closely with prospective students and parents interested in majoring in theatre at Penn State. In addition to working closely with faculty and undergraduate admissions, I'm also coordinating the use of social media to share the performing arts experience with current and prospective students. In my previous position as Social Networks Adviser for Penn State World Campus, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to explore the use of technology and social networking with the goal of creating a community of online and distance education learners. In addition to investigating and exploring the potential of new technologies, I also managed our Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. I was also responsible for the design, creation and management of two Second Life spaces for Penn State World Campus. Before working with Penn State World Campus I spent five years working for Undergraduate Admissions at Penn State and I have been an active participant of online communities for over fifteen years. I am extremely passionate about using social networking tools and technologies to create informal learning spaces, including social media and social networks, that provide opportunities for networking and connections between students, faculty and staff.

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