Sharon Stoerger


At present, I am the Assistant Dean for Instructional Support and Assessment and the co-founder of Women in Information Technology and Informatics organization at Rutgers University. Previously, I was the Director of the Information Technology and Informatics (ITI) program, also at Rutgers.

 Investigating ways to integrate technology into the educational experience in pedagogically sound ways is at the heart of much of my work. At the same time, addressing the needs and interests of a diverse population of learners is a goal, as well. My research interests are very much aligned with this trajectory, and includes topics related to gender and computerization, instructional technologies, management in information organizations, and entrepreneurship. In my teaching, as well as my role as the Assistant Dean for Instructional Support and Assessment, giving students the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience, learn how to think differently to solve real world problems, and interact with people in local, national, and international contexts, is essential.

My research areas of interest include computer-mediated communication, social informatics, and educational uses of social technologies including virtual worlds. I am also interested in online and blended teaching approaches. EDUCAUSE, New Media Consortium, the eLearning Forum Asia, and Online EDUCA Berlin are examples of conferences where I have presented my work in this area. Also, I have written several articles and book chapters on the educational uses of technology and innovative pedagogical practices. Further, I have been employed in management positions at various higher education institutions since the mid-1990s. During the late 1990s-early 2000s, I had the opportunity to manage a corporate team that provided online and print information solutions to customers.

EDUCAUSE Presentations