Shaye Hirsch


Born in Brooklyn, in 1974, Shaye Hirsch attended high school at Yeshiva Torah Temimah followed by Yeshivas Toras Moshe in Jerusalem, Israel. From 1992 to 1996 he attended Touro College, a private college of higher and professional education located in New York City. He also has contributed to the creation of many scholar publications. His passion for investing, unyielding commitment to delivering excellent risk-adjusted returns, and love of entrepreneurship resulted in him founding Brio Capital Management LLC in 2006. The firm employs an opportunistic and event-driven investment approach with the goal of maximizing total return by incorporating a variety of strategies. Prior to founding Brio Shaye Hirsch spent more than 10 years working as a Principal of a full-service Securities Firm.

Shaye Hirsch brings solid values, fresh perspective, and a strong desire to make thoughtful investments as Hedge Fund Manager of Brio Capital Management LLC. The firm is dedicated to providing exceptional investment management services by incorporating its specialized investment strategies, and disciplined management to capture opportunity while minimizing risk.  Specifically, In 2017, Brio Capital Management was named "Best USA focused Event Driven Small Cap Fund (Since Inception)"​ in the 2017 Hedge Fund awards by Al Global Media.

Shaye Hirsch remains ever vigilant to ensure that he is performing at the highest level as both a fiduciary and investor. Moreover, Shaye Hirsch tirelessly maintains the perspective that he manages every dollar as if it were his own.  At the end of the day, Brio Capital Management is client focused and return oriented;  Shaye Hirsch practices the aforementioned sentiments  via generating attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, employing high-quality people, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and aligning his company’s interests with those of all their investment partners. Through an integrated approach across his firm, Mr. Shaye Hirsch works closely with the investors in his funds to provide an innovative and winning investment strategy that is able to produce returns in multi-faceted market environments.