Simone Ravaioli


33 years old, single, born in Northern Italy, educated in the USA (1995-2002), where he received a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree in Information Systems management from Loyola University in Chicago. From 2002 to 2006 at Arrow Electronics Inc , with positions: - in the United States (HQ - Melville NY): Market Research Analyst and Digital Supply Chain Project Manager - in Europe (Southern Europe HQ - Milan): International Operations Project Manager From 2006 to present at Kion (Italy), a leading provider of Student Management Systems, - Director of International Affairs - Responsible for developing relationships and business outside Italy (Europe and beyond) - Country Manager - KION Turkey - responsible for the start-up of the International branch and for the operations of the subsidiary, including defining product and marketing strategy, budgeting, and overall coordination of the Turkish activities - Responsible for the coordination of International Collaboration projects, such as the CINECA-MUCI (consortium of universities in Poland) - Founder and Board Member of RS3G (Rome Student Systems and Standards Group) – responsible for coordinating the activities, organizing workshops, presenting at international conferences and seminar. “RS3G (Rome Student Systems and Standards Group) is an established group of software implementers and stakeholders in the European Higher Education domain which is focused on contributing to the definition and adoption of standards and procedures for the exchange of data to facilitate student mobility and lifelong learning.” - Liaison person with CEN (European Standardization Committee), EUNIS (European University Information System Association), NEC (National Europass Center)., EAIE (European Association for International Education), PESC (PostSecondary Electronics Standard Council) - Active member of the standardization community, representing the market and industry perspective as an expert in CEN’s standardization projects, on behalf of RS3G, contributing to the definition of the requirements and specifications, and promoting the adoption of the new specification among the implementation communities. - Delegated Expert to CEN: representing RS3G and actively involved in the MLO (Metadata for Learning Opportunity) and ELM (European Learner Mobility) projects aimed at providing electronic standards in support of the Bologna Process - Member of UNINFO (Italian Standardization Body) Roles: Director of International Affairs, KION SpA Member of the Board of Apex srl (Italy), IT consultancy company and KION’s partners. Co-Founder and Board Committee Member of RS3G Delegated expert to CEN Presentations • EUNIS 2007 o THE ROAD TO DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT - THE ANATOMY OF AN IMPLEMENTATION EXPERIENCE IN ITALY (Simone Ravaioli –KION, Paolo Zanei, University of Trento) o POWERING INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY – A SOFTWARE INTEGRATION EXPERIENCE ACROSS EUROPE (Simone Ravaioli – KION, Stephane Velay – Unisolution) • RS3G Workshop – (Rome, Nov. 9th 2007) Defining electronic standards and procedures for the exchange of student curriculum data between Institutions of Higher Education within international mobility • ENQA 2007 (Rome) o E-GOVERNANCE INSTRUMENTS FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE AND STAKEHOLDER (PUBLIC) INFORMATION • Chair of RS3G Workshop – (Dublin, April 25th 2008) ) Sharing Perspectives for the Rapid Development of Standards for Course Description and Curriculum Data • EUNIS 2008 o European Workshop - HE National Providers of Information Systems Preseting: LADOK (Gunnar Backelin, HIS (Uwe Huebner), MUCI (Jan Madey), SURF (Bas Cordewener), AMUE (JF Desnos) and CINECA (Simone Ravaioli). • The relations of the consortia with the universities and the IT industry • Trends and perspectives • European cooperation o University Information System Standards – How to participate in and to improve current European Development (Simone Ravaioli – KION, Tore Hoel – Oslo University College, Erlend Överby – Hypatia AS, Scott B. Wilson – University of Bolton, Mark Stubbs – Manchester Metropolitan Unviersity) • Chair of RS3G Workshop (Stuttgart, 10-11th December 2008) Learners mobility and transparency documents: update on standards developments in support of the Bologna Process. • Academic Fair (Sanliurfa (Turkey), 11-13th February 2009) o QUALITY ASSURANCE AS A TOOL FOR E-GOVERNANCE AT UNIVERSITIES AND HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS (Simone Ravaioli – KION, Alessandro Furlati – KION spa) o HARMONIZING HIGHER EDUCATION: “STANDARD” PERSPECTIVES IN SUPPORT OF THE BOLOGNA PROCESS (Simone Ravaioli) • ESSE3 USER GROUP (Bologna, ….) - Project “CLESSIDRA” – the implementation of an information system to manage the documentation and self-assessment processes of Quality Assurance . • EAIE Conference 2009 (Madrid, Sept. …) Chair of Workshop on Digital Student Data Portability Abstract: Students are increasingly more mobile. Along with them travel data about themselves , their educational results and their compentences. This information flows in many directions and formats , and can be stored in different repositories. Mobility today means much more than the traditional student exchange between home and host institution; the advent of ever more powerful and comprehensive student data systems , and the proliferation of different student data stakeholders create the “supply” and “demand” sides of a new global market for Digital Student Data Portability. Technologically speaking, it is nowadays possible to think of exchanging digital student data in much more reliable, structured and efficient ways. This workshop will explore the many-faceted dimensions of Digital Student Data Portability in a truly international showcase of experiences that are already in place today in the EU, the USA, South Africa and APAC : Data definition, data flows, and data storage discussions will be overlayed with insights on available tools, known technical issues and possible future solutions. The workshop also aims at eliciting further inputs for future focus areas, and calls out for active participation in one of the already established international workgroups, such as the Rome Student Systems and Standards Group(RS3G), among others. • EUNIS 2009 (Santiago de Compostela, June 13-16) Chair of Workshop: Harmonizing Higher Education: “Standard” perspectives in support of the Bologna Process toward the creation of a European Higher Education Area Abstract: This workshop builds on the previous activities of the Rome Student Systems and Standard Group (RS3G) around standards and procedures supporting digital student data exchange in Higher Education Institutions. RS3G has been focused on putting into perspective how standardization efforts can help solve the challenging interoperability problems paving the road toward the harmonization of Higher Education at international level. One of its distinctive traits is to provide a context for understanding international standardization activities, contributing to the them in a practical way, and engaging in international collaboration projects. RS3G is dedicated to addressing issues such as the critical “adoption dilemma” as well as key success factors like “bridging the gap” between standardization authorities and the implementation community. The workshop will also showcase real ongoing projects and their expected impact on Bologna Process while providing references for further investigation and opportunities for direct involvement.