Stephanie Glick


Stephanie Glick is currently a consultant specializing in learning technologies and learning spaces and design. She was previously the Academic Technology/ Professional Development Director for Mount St. Mary’s College (SunGard Higer Education) in Los Angeles. She has worked in the field of education and technology since 1992. In Israel she has produced Jewish interactive educational materials for the Ministry of Education, World Zionist Organization, The Jewish Agency and Melitz. She was the Supervisor of Academic Affairs for the Jewish University in Cyberspace and the Campus Director, eAcademy for the Education Dept., JAFI. She was a Jerusalem Fellow whose work was concentrated in the area of integrating technology into Jewish educational settings and building virtual learning communities. Glick was a co-founder of an internet and education consultation company, Interactive Educational Activities, which has consulted with many educational organizations world wide on the use of technology in teaching and learning. She has lectured and presented on the topic of technology and education at various conferences and educational forums. She received her MA in Jewish Education from Brandeis, University and is a Doctoral Student in Educational Technology at Pepperdine University.